Thursday, February 4, 2016

Soda Boys - Soda Boys

"Five song demo from some St. Louis hotdoggers that sounds a hell of a lot like the Gizmos dragged into the modern age, real rock'n'roll sounds from the front edges of the KBD-era, garage-rock with fun hooks and a Penetrators-esque delivery. Recorded lo-fi, these dudes play their guts out, the singer actually sings, there are some ripping solos and riffs too - these kids can play. 'Go Girl Crazy'-era Dictators should be mentioned in this conversation as well as the Dolls without the make-up/glam. Outstanding stuff, all five songs are about girls, soda, burgers, hot dogs and America. I'm excited about this one. The singer is just called The Soda Jerk and the other dudes have awesome and dumb soda-punk pseudonymns."


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