Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oily Boys - Majesty EP

"Devastating debut EP from Sydney's Oily Boys, total savagery with a lot more style than your average HC band though, these guys throw in some bad-vibed sludgery, a bit of the Clevo ultraviolence and just general depravity to make some uniquely heavy music. Some of the best and burliest of modern Aussie hardcore-punk"
No wimps allowed.


Blood Suckers - Night Of The Sadist EP

HARDCORE by the way of Norway. 
You might remember the crushing BLOOD SUCKERS from earlier this year? This is another superb and total ripping hardcore record. They did it again and recorded a couple of new songs for this 6 song 7".


Friday, November 21, 2014

Dilate - Demo 2014

New band DILATE featuring members of Seasick, Razorheads, Ugly Parts, Bible Thumper, etc. Demo out now. Based out of Philly and New Brunswick. 
FFO: Japanese Punk, D-beat, Primitive, raw, shit.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Arms Race - Gotta Get Out EP

"Debut 7inch by this London based UK82 meets NYHC/Boston crew band of booted boys and lady. This 7" sees the band add more power and speed to their sound and even more gnarled up British vocals." 


The Inmates - Self Titled LP (2014)

"What more could you ask for in 2014? A new fuckin' INMATES record? Awe shit. Cleveland's finest are back with 7 new tracks of scorching Japanese-influenced HC plus a GUNS cover and a skit lambasting the "crust fund" oogle shitheads that you see riding the rails and winding up at punk gigs. Paul's vocals have weathered over the years a bit, sounding even more disgusted and skummy. The music here is 100% what you'd expect from the INMATES, raging top shelf negative HC punk. What are you waiting for? Just fucking get this."

Friday, November 14, 2014