Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tercer Mundo - Self Titled EP

"Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, cradle of the Mexican drug war, beheadings and people burnt alive, TERCER MUNDO's debut 7" joints the daily horrors and despair of Mexican reality in a brutal Hardcore Punk in the vein of classic Mexican HC bands such as Herejia, with members of Ratas del Vaticano and Margaritos."

Tercer Mundo - No Importan by CarpetRash

School Jerks - Self Titled LP

Finally a full length LP from Toronto's own, SCHOOL JERKS.
13 bangers of angst-ridden early 80's hardcore, that brings to mind early black flag (pre-rollins era) and dare I say, parts Amdi Petersens Armé (RIP).  
Snottiest, punkest record of 2012.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zyanose - Isolation CD

2nd CD from these Japanese crasher crusties, 9 songs of more insane noise clocking under just 10 minutes
The band has been keeping busy in 2012 and for good reason, they will be playing exclusive shows in NYC and Montréal in November. 
D-Clone will also be hitting the road for an East Coast tour a month prior, so keep an eye out for those shows you lucky east coasters.

Hoax - 3rd EP (better vinyl rip)

I'm already aware there's rip of this on the interwebz but I found a much better vinyl rip of the most recent 3rd EP, this time it won't blow your speakers/ears out. 
so get your chains ready and mosh heavy.
True hardcore for outcasts and freaks.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ilegal - El Aire Libre Fuera...LP + 3rd EP

Long awaited debut LP + 3rd EP from these "immigrants" from Canada playing primitive raw punk sung in spanish. 
Frenetic drumming and manic vocals is what to expect from ILEGAL, heavily influenced by early Italian and South American hardcore with hints of Discharge and MG15.
LP sleeve designed by Eugene from CRAZY SPIRIT.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Violent End - Demo 2012 CS

Demo tape from new Chicago hardcore punk band featuring members of Raw Nerve, Manipulation, and Vile Gash. 
It sounds like a cross between Discharge/UK82 and 90's Clevo HC.
Chicago kills it in the hardcore game yet again.
S/O Drug Punk for the rip.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wiccans - Field II LP

"Thematically influenced by science fiction and boasting a rich analog recording worthy of their sound, Field II finds NWOTHC veterans Wiccans indulging in their most occult proclivities and traversing into unknown, psychedelic territory. 
Akin to Tyranny and Mutation-era Blue Öyster Cult, but as a hardcore punk band, Wiccans has created a wholly unique and essential aural experience."


Raw Nerve - Tall Tales LP

Tribute post for the greatest Chicago band that ever lived, RAW NERVE. 
This LP serves as an anthology if you will, it complies all of their out of print material (Nervous Habits cass, Teens in Heat 7", demo and comp tracks)