Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Glam - Veneno en sus Flechas MLP

highly anticipated record from Barcelona's, GLAM.
10 min/8 songs of dark and furious Spanish raw hardcore punk with reverb drenched vocals.

GLAM - Vestidos de Muerte by lavidaesunmus

Sad Boys(NYC)/Drapetomania(LA) JAN. 2013 West Coast Tour

GAG - Self Titled EP

Debut 7" of their Skimask '95 demo tape sessions but re-recorded. 
4 tracks of bitter hardcore from the Northwest with delayed harsh vocals and mosh inducing riffs
Members of White Wards and Grimace

GAG - Skimask '95 7"- side A by BedsideRecords

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cülo - My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less LP

Finally, The long awaited debut LP by the almighty Cülo.
Chicago's own, Cülo continues to cement their status as one of the best (if not, THE best) hardcore/punk bands in the last 4 years.
It's fast, pissed and catchier than ever. Get into it fgtz.  

Cülo - My Attitude by CarpetRash

Friday, October 12, 2012

D-Clone - Creation and Destroy

"The future of noisecore is here. After two EP’s and several splits, D-CLONE have delivered their debut LP with the absolutely devastating CREATION AND DESTROY. From the first drum hit to the final scream, this record is above anything else in its genre. 11-tracks of absolutely over-the-top noise not music. Building on the strengths of their previous releases, D-CLONE crank up the intensity and give you one of the most blown out, fierce and groundbreaking releases to come out of Japan in the last decade. The production is above and beyond any of their peers and only adds to the ear piercing chaos that blasts its way from start to finish. A ton of new material as well as some re-recorded classics. This LP shows D-Clone at the top of their game and solidifies their spot as one of the most dedicated and passionate noisecore bands ever. Welcome to the new age of noise. 

D-Clone - Where is it by Félix B. Desfossés

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Wankys - Knock One Out CD

The queens of modern noise punk are back again, this time with a 15 song full length CD!!! 
These U.K. wankers still continue to deliver the finest in
 catchy distorted as fuck pogo punk. Best and most mature release to date.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goosebumps - I Hate My Body EP

The debut 7″ EP from NYC’s sketchiest, GOOSEBUMPS.
Drug-fueled scummy NYHC is what you get here, it's filthy and obscene as it should be, think urban waste meets GG Allin.

Goosebumps- Jail Cell by burnbooks

Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Chaos - Kill Dick Control EP

Debut 7" EP from Aussie raw hardcore punk act, LAST CHAOS.
4 songs of more Finnish/Japanese HC punk worship with some heavy CROW influence in there as well.
Featuring members of Teargas.

Last Chaos - Faceripper by CarpetRash

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tercer Mundo - Self Titled EP

"Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, cradle of the Mexican drug war, beheadings and people burnt alive, TERCER MUNDO's debut 7" joints the daily horrors and despair of Mexican reality in a brutal Hardcore Punk in the vein of classic Mexican HC bands such as Herejia, with members of Ratas del Vaticano and Margaritos."

Tercer Mundo - No Importan by CarpetRash

School Jerks - Self Titled LP

Finally a full length LP from Toronto's own, SCHOOL JERKS.
13 bangers of angst-ridden early 80's hardcore, that brings to mind early black flag (pre-rollins era) and dare I say, parts Amdi Petersens Armé (RIP).  
Snottiest, punkest record of 2012.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zyanose - Isolation CD

2nd CD from these Japanese crasher crusties, 9 songs of more insane noise clocking under just 10 minutes
The band has been keeping busy in 2012 and for good reason, they will be playing exclusive shows in NYC and Montréal in November. 
D-Clone will also be hitting the road for an East Coast tour a month prior, so keep an eye out for those shows you lucky east coasters.

Hoax - 3rd EP (better vinyl rip)

I'm already aware there's rip of this on the interwebz but I found a much better vinyl rip of the most recent 3rd EP, this time it won't blow your speakers/ears out. 
so get your chains ready and mosh heavy.
True hardcore for outcasts and freaks.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ilegal - El Aire Libre Fuera...LP + 3rd EP

Long awaited debut LP + 3rd EP from these "immigrants" from Canada playing primitive raw punk sung in spanish. 
Frenetic drumming and manic vocals is what to expect from ILEGAL, heavily influenced by early Italian and South American hardcore with hints of Discharge and MG15.
LP sleeve designed by Eugene from CRAZY SPIRIT.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Violent End - Demo 2012 CS

Demo tape from new Chicago hardcore punk band featuring members of Raw Nerve, Manipulation, and Vile Gash. 
It sounds like a cross between Discharge/UK82 and 90's Clevo HC.
Chicago kills it in the hardcore game yet again.
S/O Drug Punk for the rip.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wiccans - Field II LP

"Thematically influenced by science fiction and boasting a rich analog recording worthy of their sound, Field II finds NWOTHC veterans Wiccans indulging in their most occult proclivities and traversing into unknown, psychedelic territory. 
Akin to Tyranny and Mutation-era Blue Öyster Cult, but as a hardcore punk band, Wiccans has created a wholly unique and essential aural experience."


Raw Nerve - Tall Tales LP

Tribute post for the greatest Chicago band that ever lived, RAW NERVE. 
This LP serves as an anthology if you will, it complies all of their out of print material (Nervous Habits cass, Teens in Heat 7", demo and comp tracks)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hard Stripes - Demo 2012 CS

Demo from new RVA hardcore band, Hard Stripes.
aggro as fuck hardcore punk by way of Richmond, Virginia. 
The band definitely brings the ignorant mosh, boot boys will rejoice.
Members of Dry Spell and Hounds of Hate.

Hard Stripes - The Fixer by CarpetRash

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birth Deformities - Suburbanized 10" MLP

Newest record from Chicago's own, Birth Deformities which consist members of Cülo and Nick (Cowabunga Records CEO).
The record continues right where the band left off in their demo, if you dig sketchy 80's hardcore punk like Chronic Sick and Fatal Rage, you'll adore this.

Birth Deformities - Mentally Damaged by CarpetRash

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Secret Prostitutes - The Ken Rock 7 inch

Newest 7 inch EP from Houston, Texas's own, The Secret Prostitutes.
7 brand new tracks of late 70's KBD style punk rock sung in Indonesian, catchy and vintage as always.
Instant classic record.

Secret Prostitutes - Lelucon Sinis by CarpetRash

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Koward - Self Titled EP

Brand new self titled EP from Boston/PDX band, KOWARD.
5 songs of raw d-beat punk with a dose of their authentic Boston HC sound.
Featuring members of Scapegoat and Terokal.


Monday, June 18, 2012

No Statik - Everywhere You Aren't Looking LP

Newest Full Length LP from bay area band, No Statik.
Crushing female fronted hardcore that's vicious and dismal, it drips of angst.
The band consists of ex-members from What Happens Next?, Artimus Pyle, Look Back and Laugh, Scholastic Deth and many others...

No Statik "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" sample by No Statik

Saturday, June 16, 2012

ZyanosE - Noise Philia 2005-2011 LP

More noise destruction from these Osaka crasher crusties.
This discography LP compiles all their recorded works to date (except Insane Noise Raid CD), including both EP’s, the first demo and comp tracks.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hank Wood and The Hammerheads - Go Home! LP

Long awaited debut LP from scuzzy NY band, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads.
These chicken killaz kick out 12 songs of insanely catchy, keyboard-drenched, lo-fi garage punk bangers.

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - I Don't Play Games by CarpetRash

Brain Killer - 3rd EP

3rd EP from Boston band, Brain Killer.
Raw and noisy hardcore punk that brings to mind bands like BASTARD and DEATHREAT.
 They get better with every release, much finer sound production than the previous LP.

Brain Killer - War by Framework Label

Cadaver Dog - CS Demo

Another obscure Youth Attack! tape release showcasing the thriving Denver, Colorado hardcore scene, this time from Cadaver Dog.
5 Songs of spiteful hardcore that will leave you ignorantly moshing for more.

Cadaver Dog - Filed Down by CarpetRash

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Frenzy - Noizey Trouble EP

Debut EP from new PDX raw hardcore band, Frenzy.
The band features (ex?)members of Nerveskade but this is more straight up 80's hardcore than noise/pogo punk as the album cover and title would suggest, reminds me of Ripcord with a dash of UK82'.

Frenzy - SS Control by CarpetRash

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DNA (Destructive New Age) - Self Titled EP

Debut EP from new Portland, Maine band, DNA. 
This band features members of Wake Up Call and Cruel Hand but don't really sound like any of the said bands, its much more fast paced and WYLD, think Poison Idea meets Negative Approach with a touch of NYHC


Straightjacket Nation - Nationalism EP

Long-awaited comeback EP from Australia's most realest hardcore band, Straightjacket Nation.
Raw and visceral Cleveland meets Boston style hardcore punk.
Australia keeps killing it!


Kremlin - Will You Feed Me? EP

Newest EP from Toronto's own, Kremlin.
After releasing two impressive demos last year, they still continue to put out more chaotic hardcore bangers, not your typical 80's hc/punk rehash.
Members of School Jerks and Molested Youth


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effluxus - Life Destruktion 12" EP

New 12" EP from San Francisco hardcore raw punk band, Effluxus
These bay area punx jam out 8 songs of scandi-core worship. 
It's straight up furious and raw as fuck. Headache hardcore.
Members of: Morpheme and Yadokai

Effluxus - Final Injustice by CarpetRash

Friday, June 1, 2012

White Load - Wayne's World III b/w Godfather IV

Debut LP from the most hated band in Providence, WHITE LOAD.
This trio play some fast blistering lo-fi hardcore punk, it's relentless and unadulterated from start to finish.

White Load - Less Life by Load Records

ZyanosE - Insane Noise Raid

Japanese crasher crusties playing more unforgiving noise punk jams. 
The CD has 9 songs of overly distorted and noisy hardcore punk in the vein of Gloom and Framtid

Zyanose - Envy by CarpetRash

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fag Cop​ -​ Whimpers From The Pantheon

Newest LP from Kansas band FAG COP.
Hands down still the best band name ever, in my opinion.
This is some reverb drenched lo-fi, or rather, no-fi garage punk.
it's malicious and crude, not for the faint of heart.


Warning//Warning - There's Nothing Left

Debut full-length LP from these French crusties with members of Gasmask Terrör. 
Warning//Warning plays a sophisticated style of distorted noise punk with heavily delayed vocals, It's harsh sounding yet somewhat catchy.

Warning//Warning - Artist Shit by CarpetRash

Friday, May 25, 2012

Civilized - Negative Reflections CS

5 song tape from Denver band Civilized, formerly Ego Complex. 
Deranged hardcore that's bitter and just downright vicious. 
Cassette out on Youth Attack! records.

Civilized - New Slave Class by CarpetRash

Shipwrecked - The Last Pagans LP

Latest and final release from these Norwegian straight edge bootboys that took 7 years in the making.
 Total Boston Crew/Norse pagan worship from start to finish. 
Member(s?) of Insurance Risk.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sickoids - Self Titled LP (2012)

Very impressive debut LP from Philly's SICKOIDS.
The band comprises members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt playing an unrelenting style of Midwest influenced hardcore punk, very dark and mid-tempo at times.
Definitely on my top 5 records of 2012. 

SICKOIDS LP by Sickoids