Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Phoebe - Self Titled CS

Peep out the homie's new band demo on Abnormal Broadcasting, best recent label putting California punk on the map...YET AGAIN...hopefully! This is a cross between The Scam and 80's japcore. It's dark, bouncy and most importantly PUNK ASF


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Lowest Form - Personal Space

"The second album from UK hardcore engine The Lowest Form, Personal Space sees the band cutting through a comedown fug of feedback, sharp butterflyknife guitars flashing deadly over a wasteground rubble of noise. 

Songs drawn up from discord, songs of marshalled cacophony, coils of scritching guitars break apart and reform, coalescing around insistent basslines and heavy drumbeats, before splintering again. It's hardcore constructed from textured noise as much as from breakdowns and riffs, rumbling infectious chants emerging from the wavering clamor, the vile keening of consciousness's half-known edges, noise in the grain of it all, noise as bedrock, an abrasive acid bath of fuzz, susurration and machinewhirr. 

"SMASH MY FUCKIN' HEAD AGAINST THE WALL" is the line that opens it up, rising out of Interplanetary Bad Boy's hissing swell. Driven through the album are anguished explorations of interior/exterior limits, whirling around viciously in the grubby borders of your skull, spinning hopelessly in the cosmic of the aether, untethered, higher than the sky but way down in the muck. From Gak Attack's claustrophobic pogo or Last Smash's drawling thump to Star Slammers manic tumble and Dread Future's rolling barrage, The Lowest Form have brought together another LP of murdered-out panicattack punk, lithe and unleashed, born of bad vibes and background radiation, an album at once uncomfortably close and fully heavy." 


Sunday, November 13, 2016

S.L.I.P. Slippy When Wet 12"

"With Slippy When Wet, Pittsburgh’s S.L.I.P. go after that rarest of white whales: the all-killer, no filler 33RPM 12” hardcore record. If you’d only heard their earlier stuff, I could see worrying that the lurching, deep-in-the-pocket, Black Flag/Bl’ast!-style rhythms that are at the core of the band’s sound might wear on the ear after a while (god knows some of those later ‘Flag records can be tough to get through in one sitting), but Slippy When Wet reveals that, much like the Adolescents or the Zero Boys, S.L.I.P. are pretty much just writing great pop songs and delivering them with the energy and power of hardcore punk. In addition to being jam-packed with memorable tunes, the playing here is just phenomenal… the “members-of” list for this band is both long and deep, and the experience shows whether they're playing full-tilt hardcore punk like “Not Your Prey” or a Judas Priest-style riff-rock sing-along like “Fast Living.” S.L.I.P. have that Annihilation Time-esque way of using their phenomenal technical proficiency in the service of making music that is fun and energetic rather than dense and pretentious, and like those great A.T. releases, Slippy When Wet is a record that won’t leave your turntable for a very long time."


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Omegas - Power to Exist LP


"Much anticipated answer to 2011's "Blasts of Lunacy," the Omegas leave off where they picked up, coming back to their personalized vision of the nooks and crannies of early NYHC and proto hardcore cum Darby Crash cum Nollywood prankster at ever more obtuse and challenging angles. The riffs implode and the changes are impossible to follow without a map that probably leads somewhere unpleasant. Even still, the confusion feels like a stroke of luck. The gift is not knowing what you're hearing yet but knowing you've wanted to hear it your whole life. Duck, dive, spit, slam, kill: Makes you go Boom Boom. Flash forward, the power to exist. FFO: getting stop and frisked by the NYPD and having them find a giant lollypop in your otherwise empty bag/wondering who killed Tony Frenchman" 

-Jonah Falco, 2016


Monday, October 31, 2016

Nancy - With Child

"Finally these Brooklyn based power-pop blockhead goofballs have brought us With Child. Yes, yes it's true they are now with child and it's quite...pretty. You may be familiar with them from their quality 2013 demo tape that featured such smooth hits as I Want One, Midnite, and Holiday. Well there are eight new songs for the glam punk side of your brain to hear. There is one cover song and it's done the NANCY way."


Saturday, October 22, 2016

DD Owen - Self Titled 12"

"On the heels of an impressive pile of records under the Sick Thoughts, Chicken Chain and LSDOGS monikers, 19 year old Drew Owen left Baltimore, decamped to New Orleans and recorded his first 12" under the DD Owen imprimatur, 8 songs that reflect a new-found maturity, songcraft, enhanced production values and deeply sophisticated worldview.

Alright, at least the part about the record being 8 songs long isn't a total fucking lie."


Friday, October 21, 2016

Latisha's Skull Drawing - Romanticized LP



Thursday, October 13, 2016

Exotica - Musique Exotique #01

Brand new hardcore project from New York, featuring members of La Misma (Lauren) and Tercer Mundo (Dave Rata). 
Fast and raw signature pogo-bouncy Toxic State punk. Sung in both English and Spanish.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Grotto - Manic Evil EP

"Grotto is a word most associated with caves, caverns and subterranean activity. 

Appropriate to the new MANIC EVIL 7", it also contains the word grot. GROT-TO! Underground filth! Dig deep and expose the rivers of pus and detritus that flow beneath the Melbourne streets! 

Grotto erupted, rode a wave of frantic activity, of constant live shows, the release of the PINK SOCK CS and recording of this 7". Their presentation reimagines thee ancient crossover of hardcore punk and thrash metal: flying V and leather, glam chains and exposed flesh. 
Their songs behave like a bereaved drunk one moment, stumbling around in an evil haze, and then the next, a whip on the whip and an explosion of manic activity. This dynamic between dumb blunt forceful mashing of your mind and the thrill of speed is what you need to make your fluids flow. 

The thrash metal tinged drug punk of PINK SOCK recalled the last phase of the REATARDS when Jay couldn't decide if he wanted to write catchy pop songs or venomous hardcore songs. MANIC EVIL spits more venom, a more realised expression, a mood of intoxication and bad intentions."


Bad Noids - It's A Doggie Bag World EP

"Cleveland's resident punk geniuses and troublemakers are back with a new EP, possibly the best sonic reductions that BAD NOIDS have committed to vinyl. “Into The Future” is a strikingly simple, yet instantly memorable and aggressive punk hit, bearing torch to the top shelf lineage of Cleveland punk doled out over the decades by labels like Drome and Non-Commercial. Side B features two quick and snappy blasts of perfectly disaffected hardcore punk slop, a bit more of a recognizable BAD NOIDS sound from previous outings on Katorga Works and Saucepan, yet even tighter and further refined with age. With clever lines such as “I hate water, it makes me wet” you can bet that BAD NOIDS haven't drifted too far from the Cleveland water supply, though they will be touring Europe for the second time on the heels of this 7”. Recorded by the same folks that brought you Cruelster/Perverts Again and with stunning artwork by W.Mass legend Tony Pasquarosa (SQRM, Gluebag, Burnt Envelope) this is a real gamma ray toasted blast into the future."


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brain Slug - Live in Power

"New York's sleeping giants, Brain Slug, return with their long-awaited full length record, "Live In Power". Eschewing all trends, this record draws inspiration from every corner and every era of hardcore in the greatest city in the world. From A7 to ABC No Rio, CBGB's to Coney Island High, this is no-frills hardcore punk for purists who need substance over style without sacrificing the abrasion. Think Citizen's Arrest trying to rewrite Set It Off. Live In Power or die like a fool.."


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Negativ - Automatic Thoughts EP

Probably the best hcpunk band from Scandinavia at the moment, no dis-beat gimmicks, just negative ass hardcore. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rik and the Pigs - Life's A Bust

"The second 7” from RIK AND THE PIGS is finally here, a smoking follow-up to 2015's "Pig Sweat" single on Total Punk. “Life's A Bust” features three new tracks recorded between Rik's time in Portland and his new home base of Olympia, WA. Side A boasts two cuts of completely savage and hook-filled punk – exactly the kind of snot and filth that you'd expect from Rik & Co. On the flip, “Life's A Bust” is a completely different animal, a loose and driving five minute tune featuring incredible guitar work and drumming from Michael Liebman and Corey Rose of Olympia's VEXX. "


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Good Throb - Self Titled EP (2016)



Wolf Whistle - The Present Disturbance EP

"New Bedford's Wolf Whistle refuses to pollute the ears of tweens with modern silly-billy hardcore. Taking cues from Crossed Out, Present Disturbance trims the fat off of their bizarro style of fast punk and brings us 10 tracks of "powerful" and "violent" rock music. Recorded live on a four-track cassette in a basement, a proper offering to any psycho outsider. God bless Wolf Whistle."


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wild Thing - Demo 2016

Daaaaaammmnn! HTX back at it again, killing it in the hcpunk game yet again. This demo of a beast is unreal, just as noisy as early 80's Japanese punk and hard as nails like Midwest USHC. 



"I always searching for great people, making great music and this time I found an outstanding band in Iceleand. A Noisy, raw, energetic, dirty, feminist PUNK BAND, packed in a wave full of reverbed guitar work. Born in Reykjavík and with a great Demo Tape under their belt, Dauðyflin presenting us their first proper EP. And it's even more gnarlier and uglier than their previous work. Someone is obviously mad at you and you were just caught in the middle of this sonic mess presented by Dauðyflin.

The ep just explodes out of the speakers, but it's more than just the in-the-red production that generates the intensity. The riffing is just truly wild and off the wall. They definitely have some POGO vibes going on thanks to the bubbly, front-of-the-snare-kick -mix , but I think that they have a little bit more three dimensionality to their sound than most bands flying the pogo punk flags.

The first outstanding part, rather than focusing on the bouncy rhythms and simple melodies, is the complete brooding, dark, and heavy ugly feeling on the complete record. While the next thing that stuck out, obviously, were the vocals. There are so many ways to approach the hardcore punk vocal but rarely have I heard the howl employed so effectively.

All in all the ramshackle drums, crazy vocals, and the early Italian HC spirit made me fall in love with this band. The raw production and quirky arrangements that put the bass right up front and make it carry much of the weight of the songs feels good, as good as possible for that kind of freak out dark punk music.

This could be the soundtrack to some weird psychedelic punk haunted house movie. So all in all we have an infectious guitar riff- vocal scream dynamic hardcore punk record from the first iceland based hardcore punk band i have ever heared. In my opinion essential, believe the hype!"

Mastered by genius Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nurse - Self Titled EP

WOW this one is a certified banger and it went largely unnoticed. Every song is a hit especially the first track, total barn burner. props to Scavenger of Death for giving this a proper release. go buy and sport!
FFO: S.H.I.T., DiE, The Scam, Die Kreuzen


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"a long time ago in a land far far away, 4 guys created a second demo tape that never saw the light of day... until now few have ever heard or witnessed the strength of street knowledge... Re Mastered in Boston. Delivered to you by the tail end of Melbourne skinheads."


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rixe - Les Nerfs A Vif EP

"Just over a year since the release of the much loved debut 7" 'Coups Et Blessures', RIXE return with another four tracker on La Vida Es Un Mus. RIXE have gone from total obscurity to headlining festivals and gigs in Canada, North America and England and these four new tracks are a clear reason why. Standout 'Hexagone' opens the EP sounding like 'New Age' era BLITZ with extra bite and bile, 'A Contre-Courant' follows with a stomping primitive bass and drum attack before the razor sharp guitar work and growling vocals come in. On the flip the venom and intensity continues with 'Rapport de force' before the self titled track 'Rixe' ends this latest Oi! attack with a track that starts like a late 70's UK SUBS hit before heading into classic 80's French Oi!. RIXE are special and these four tracks show more reasons why."


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FOSTER CARE - Sterilization LP

"It’s been almost four years since New York’s Foster Care put out their debut album "Bad Vibe City "and we’ve been anxiously awaiting a follow up. Well the wait is finally over.  Foster Care is back with another banger of an LP and it’s gonna knock you out.  In their downtime the guys did more than terrorize the neighborhood bars. They’ve been sharpening their knives and waiting for the right time to pounce. Well apparently that time is now and this record is razor sharp and heading straight for the throat. Every bit as punchy as the first but more dialed in. The hooks are bigger, the guitars are meaner, and Chris Teenager sounds as vicious as ever.  24 minutes fist pumping, head rattling ,negative punk perfection for 2016. 100% TOTAL PUNK!"


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gaucho - Desplazados EP

"The darkness and hate of living in the modern day is inescapable. People will always try to control you, force their ideologies on you and bind you with their ridiculous laws. Sooner or later you will get tired and hit back. And if true passion is there, you will succeed. It is hard not to hear the passion on this record. Gaucho delivers a Colombia-via-Canada raw hardcore pogo march to the death of tyrants far and wide. Members of S.H.I.T. give us a 5 song window into the struggle for a higher quality of life and we thank them for that."


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Soda Boys - Soda Boys

"Five song demo from some St. Louis hotdoggers that sounds a hell of a lot like the Gizmos dragged into the modern age, real rock'n'roll sounds from the front edges of the KBD-era, garage-rock with fun hooks and a Penetrators-esque delivery. Recorded lo-fi, these dudes play their guts out, the singer actually sings, there are some ripping solos and riffs too - these kids can play. 'Go Girl Crazy'-era Dictators should be mentioned in this conversation as well as the Dolls without the make-up/glam. Outstanding stuff, all five songs are about girls, soda, burgers, hot dogs and America. I'm excited about this one. The singer is just called The Soda Jerk and the other dudes have awesome and dumb soda-punk pseudonymns."


Urochromes - Get In Line 4 Mental Decline

"Hardcore 4 Hill People - the long anticipated demo from 2 snot nosed brats living inside the floorboards of a Hadley farm house"  Get a little slice of Western MA.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Patsy - Eat It 7"

"Second Single from Patsy, out on Total Punk. Solid follow up to Tuley Tude High. Featuring members of Mystic Inane, this is driven and catchy punk!"


Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Repossessed - Born.Work.Die. EP

Debut EP of a stomper from these gals from Sheffield, reppin' the NWOBHC camp.


Deformity - Deformity Bug Collection CS

a tape comp of everything the almighty DEFORMITY of nuke york has ever recorded and apparently a 2012 scrapped LP is included.