Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gaucho - Desplazados EP

"The darkness and hate of living in the modern day is inescapable. People will always try to control you, force their ideologies on you and bind you with their ridiculous laws. Sooner or later you will get tired and hit back. And if true passion is there, you will succeed. It is hard not to hear the passion on this record. Gaucho delivers a Colombia-via-Canada raw hardcore pogo march to the death of tyrants far and wide. Members of S.H.I.T. give us a 5 song window into the struggle for a higher quality of life and we thank them for that."


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Soda Boys - Soda Boys

"Five song demo from some St. Louis hotdoggers that sounds a hell of a lot like the Gizmos dragged into the modern age, real rock'n'roll sounds from the front edges of the KBD-era, garage-rock with fun hooks and a Penetrators-esque delivery. Recorded lo-fi, these dudes play their guts out, the singer actually sings, there are some ripping solos and riffs too - these kids can play. 'Go Girl Crazy'-era Dictators should be mentioned in this conversation as well as the Dolls without the make-up/glam. Outstanding stuff, all five songs are about girls, soda, burgers, hot dogs and America. I'm excited about this one. The singer is just called The Soda Jerk and the other dudes have awesome and dumb soda-punk pseudonymns."


Urochromes - Get In Line 4 Mental Decline

"Hardcore 4 Hill People - the long anticipated demo from 2 snot nosed brats living inside the floorboards of a Hadley farm house"  Get a little slice of Western MA.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Patsy - Eat It 7"

"Second Single from Patsy, out on Total Punk. Solid follow up to Tuley Tude High. Featuring members of Mystic Inane, this is driven and catchy punk!"