Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cremalleras - Self Titled LP


"CREMALLERAS out of Monterrey, Mexico are a duo of guitar/drums/vocals playing hardcore punk, less vicious than TERCER MUNDO but with a way punker edge reminding me of a hardcore CHUTE DE ESPERMA I believe the girl playing guitar/singing was in RATAS DEL VATICANO and the drummer in MARGARITOS/TERCER MUNDO."


Monday, December 23, 2013

Schizophasia - 4000 LP


"Canadian noise punks return with their 4th LP '4000'. 
This time they return to their roots and depart from the weird psychedelic styles they previously used on their two 7" and more like their early tapes, unleashing a torrent of total noise punk in the style of CONFUSE, a serious comparison to make in this instance. Side A is 5 tracks of stripped down crazed and violent angry punk chaos that brings to mind DISORDER at their noisiest. On Side B they crank up the intensity to unprecedented levels with 10 track of utter sonic mayhem."



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brain Killer -The Complete Punk Recordings CS


Discography cassette from the much-loved Boston HC punk/D-beat band. 
The band’s collected works; contains Brain Killer’s LP, 8” single, 3 EPs and a previously unreleased live radio set.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Las Otras - Devolver El Golpe LP


"Las Otras are an all women hardcore punk band from Barcelona. After a well received 7" they are back with a new 12" for their US tour of the west coast.  They are taking their cues from local bands of their friends in the DIY punk scene as well as 80's hardcore and punk like Ultimo Resorte and Antidogmatikss. Their new 12" is faster, but they are just as angry as before. Unabashedly political, the lyrics are still are about their radical feminist outlook and are screaming about the injustice that surrounds us. This isn't trendy or cool. This is pissed hardcore!"