Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cadenaxo - Cadenado CS



The Uglies - We Are The Uglies CS

"The best Australian punk release since The Victims' single 'Television Addict' " - The Uglies


Black Panties - Self Titled EP

"Debut hard vinyl after a flexi and a handful of cassettes from this St. Louis band. It seems like a lazy comparison because Lumpy put out the record and they're from the same city, but if you like Lumpy & the Dumpers I think it's safe to say you'll be on board with Black Panties as well. In the similarities column this has, like Lumpy & the Dumpers, a kind of rock n roll-informed songwriting that's performed with a very DIY / raw punk sensibility (particularly in regards to the vocals). In the differences column, Black Panties are a whole lot faster than Lumpy, and on the last track they even have a punk-at-hardcore-speed song that recalls stuff like the Dwarves, Brutal Knights, or the Ladies, though of course filtered through the deliberately skewed midwest slime punk sensibility. This is a really hot style right now so I'm just kind of inclined to like all of this stuff from St Louis and NW Indiana, but Black Panties recommend themselves by staking out a unique sound and managing to play music that is incredibly fast and intense but still catchy. Another quality Lumpy release, in other words."

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Soma Coma - Dust LP

"Latest in the Cool Death catalogue, SOMA COMA rip through eight tracks of unparalleled rage on this debut long player. At it's most basic "Dust" is a tightly wound hardcore record that goes straight for the throat, rarely cutting loose. Upon further listens, SOMA COMA reveal a bit more in the mix, from the feral rasp of the vocals to the atonal guitar flourishes reminiscent of groups like Die Kreuzen. As the title track winds side B to a close, SOMA COMA slowly turn things loose after a smashing ten plus minutes of HC abuse. Recommended to those familiar with the outer-spaced hardcore of recent Australian groups like Straightjacket Nation, Gutter Gods, and Velvet Whip. SOMA COMA's "Dust" will crush your basic sensibilities and then keep crawling back for another 'go."


Dribble - Lovers EP

"Dribble slap on this single three cuts of fine Clevo proto-punk worship (think of Electric Eels, Rocket From The Tombs and such), distorted through the lense of a peculiar Australian perspective. It's less of a messy affair than their previous output but nothing short of great."


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Disguise - Signs Of The Future

"Dublin, like New York or London, is a city whose punk in 2015 matches its vibrancy with its refusal to be defined by one sound. Multiple bands, all with wildly divergent takes on 2015 punk, all unified in their DIY ethic and refusal to compromise. The first 12" from searing rawpunx Disguise (who also feature 2/3 of Zom and members of Strong Boys) continues where their System Shock 7" left off, slamming together the lithe turmoil of Gloom, the monstrous purpose of Bastard, the ugly burn of Crude SS into a violent driving gunk, like Florida's Mauser or Australia's Kromosom, taking that Scandi-Japanese rawpunk axis and stretching it out to their own corner of the globe.

Built on a relentless sinister thrum, a taut propulsive clatter, Disguise explode with scalding fury in the screaming guitars and tortured barks and roars echoing out of the radioactive slurry. From Constant Victim pure vitriol rolling into Signs of the Future's noisestomp groove, to Depleted Uranium heady crash and BBFM's broken fade, this is ferocious hardcore punk, worked til its end."


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coupe Gorge - Demo 2015

"Part of the new group of killer Hardcore influenced Oi coming out of France right now. Coupe Gorge join the likes of Rixe, Syndrome 81, and Traitre'.
Six tracks of hardcore influenced Oi. Equal parts speed and stomp with a good dose of gang vocals."


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sin Motivo - El Desierto LP

"Finally! After two stunning demo tapes SIN MOTIVO created this untold hardcore punk 12" bastard. Born and bred in Fort Worth/ Denton, Texas' legacy of DIY, SIN MOTIVO seeks to push what it means to be punk in 2015. In equal parts Victim In Pain and Too Many Humans, SIN MOTIVO perpetually pushes Punk's lack of attention span.
Psychedelic drudging interwoven with a classic hardcore punk formula balances out to create a true sonic seduction. All aspects mentioned before are finally realized in their recent opus, El Desierto, an LP brought to you by members of Wiccans, The Sentenced, and Treatment.

Their recordings capture that energy perfectly and form some of the most driving and propulsive hardcore punk I have heard in ages. You need to hear this. These songs are chaotic and unrelenting. Constant changes make the songs feel relatively short although some of them stretch out over five minutes and even the shorter songs just plod along. Sin Motivo isn't afraid of frantically throwing anything and everything into a speedy, punk rock blender that persists of thumping around for a moment before exploding into a hardcore nail bomb.

If you like your hardcore chaotic and turbulent, you're in for a hell of a ride. This is hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard-as-nail beats that is extremely hard to shake once you have heared it. Ferocious, dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. A record full of uneasiness and trepidation.


SIN MOTIVO is another living proof for how great the current Austin punk/hardcore crop is. 
Recorded / Mixed by Dentons finest, Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke ( Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Mind Spiders, Radioactivity ) and mastered by Daniel Hussain ( Red Dons ) I am more than honoured to release this timeless LP."