Friday, February 24, 2017


"Excellent debut from this new Charlottesville, VA group. Three tracks of furious, midpaced punk that really manages to stand out from the pack. I'm honestly having a bit of trouble naming any singular band or scene that Haircut draws direct influence from, which is a pretty damn tough feat these days! A couple of these folks played in Animal Planet, so if you were into AP's left-of-centre HC punk approach, Haircut is definitely worth reaching for. However, I've really got to applaud the originality, strong production, and performance on this demo. These three tracks lay the foundation for a strong followup release yet have plenty of replay value of their own."
Feeling some srsz Annihilation Time/Greg Ginn riffage in this one. 


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Radiation Risks - Demo 2017

More sax in hcpunk!!!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Totalove - Lo que toco lo destruyo

Female-fronted hardcore punk from mexico, hints spanish raw punk/d-beat in there and gag-esque breakdowns , if i do say so myself

"Defender al amor 
Odiar desde el amor 
Gritar desde el amor 
Hacer el amor."


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Phoebe - Self Titled CS

Peep out the homie's new band demo on Abnormal Broadcasting, best recent label putting California punk on the map...YET AGAIN...hopefully! This is a cross between The Scam and 80's japcore. It's dark, bouncy and most importantly PUNK ASF


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Lowest Form - Personal Space

"The second album from UK hardcore engine The Lowest Form, Personal Space sees the band cutting through a comedown fug of feedback, sharp butterflyknife guitars flashing deadly over a wasteground rubble of noise. 

Songs drawn up from discord, songs of marshalled cacophony, coils of scritching guitars break apart and reform, coalescing around insistent basslines and heavy drumbeats, before splintering again. It's hardcore constructed from textured noise as much as from breakdowns and riffs, rumbling infectious chants emerging from the wavering clamor, the vile keening of consciousness's half-known edges, noise in the grain of it all, noise as bedrock, an abrasive acid bath of fuzz, susurration and machinewhirr. 

"SMASH MY FUCKIN' HEAD AGAINST THE WALL" is the line that opens it up, rising out of Interplanetary Bad Boy's hissing swell. Driven through the album are anguished explorations of interior/exterior limits, whirling around viciously in the grubby borders of your skull, spinning hopelessly in the cosmic of the aether, untethered, higher than the sky but way down in the muck. From Gak Attack's claustrophobic pogo or Last Smash's drawling thump to Star Slammers manic tumble and Dread Future's rolling barrage, The Lowest Form have brought together another LP of murdered-out panicattack punk, lithe and unleashed, born of bad vibes and background radiation, an album at once uncomfortably close and fully heavy."