Monday, December 23, 2013

Schizophasia - 4000 LP

"Canadian noise punks return with their 4th LP '4000'. 
This time they return to their roots and depart from the weird psychedelic styles they previously used on their two 7" and more like their early tapes, unleashing a torrent of total noise punk in the style of CONFUSE, a serious comparison to make in this instance. Side A is 5 tracks of stripped down crazed and violent angry punk chaos that brings to mind DISORDER at their noisiest. On Side B they crank up the intensity to unprecedented levels with 10 track of utter sonic mayhem."


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  1. as I am going older and older and my musical tastes varies from gregorian chant to extreme doom metal, speaking about punk I´ve always been in love with chaos punk á la Disorder or Confuse. This record is great ´coz it´s very influenced with (imho) the best Confuse record - "contempt for the authority..." ´85. Start looking for vinyl.