Monday, November 17, 2014

The Inmates - Self Titled LP (2014)

"What more could you ask for in 2014? A new fuckin' INMATES record? Awe shit. Cleveland's finest are back with 7 new tracks of scorching Japanese-influenced HC plus a GUNS cover and a skit lambasting the "crust fund" oogle shitheads that you see riding the rails and winding up at punk gigs. Paul's vocals have weathered over the years a bit, sounding even more disgusted and skummy. The music here is 100% what you'd expect from the INMATES, raging top shelf negative HC punk. What are you waiting for? Just fucking get this."


  1. Thanks for this!!! Got to hang out with Paul and his newer band Party Plates(Wedge was on drums for the tour.) when they came through Tejas a week or so ago.

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