Thursday, June 18, 2015

No Form - Self Titled 12"

"A boundary-pushing record from the North of England. Bathing in the murk, devoid of light, it invokes a dark atmosphere that has little to do with any gothic plod or metal pose. This is punk, as antagonistic and cleansing as it ever can be. NO FORM's notorious live power is finally captured on this, their first record, with four shorter pulsating numbers on Side A and one long jam on Side B that approaches the outer limits. Shrill, disconcerting guitar leads and tormented vocals slither over an affirmative pummel that exists at the meeting point between outlier hardcore punk - SIEGE/UNITED MUTATION/GISM - and post-punk/proto-industrial at its most confrontational - SPK/CABARET VOLTAIRE/GOOD MISSIONARIES. Deceptively catchy thrashing coexists with sinister, siren-call sax that evokes THROBBING GRISTLE. This is music for the perennially despondent. Music for the subconscious, not the fashion conscious. This is music that could have been the soundtrack to the Blood Garden in JG Ballard's 'High Rise'. This is music as life ritual, to be listened to by all or none."


1 comment:

  1. Damn... I was waiting for this one for a while. Huge fan of the demo but I think this was a little too built up. They just don't sound as angry, raw or punk on this. Unless No Form decided to change there sound, I think this wasn't recorded properly. But what the fuck do I know.